Planning a Spring Renovation for Your Home?

Planning a Spring Renovation for Your Home? 1

Planning a Spring Renovation for Your Home?

If you are making plans to renovate your home this coming spring, think about hiring one of the best home builders on Long Island. Metco Remodeling offers expert home building and home remodeling services to residents throughout Long Island. They have over twenty years of experience in the construction industry and they can fully renovate your entire home or just one room of your choice. You can rely on Metco for all of your renovation needs.

If you are planning a spring renovation, now is the time to start all of your research and planning. Start with an experienced contractor like Metco Remodeling who will sit down with you to discuss all of your plans and give you some redesign ideas. Before any demolition begins, all of your plans should be in place for:

  • Room layout
  • Materials
  • Floor choices
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Moldings
  • Cabinet choices (if applicable)
  • Color options
  • Countertops (if applicable)
  • Tile or natural stone materials

Of all of the home builders and renovation specialists on Long Island, Metco Remodeling can design and build a beautiful new home or complete a stunning renovation on your existing home. They offer the following services:

Kitchen Remodeling

Turn your new kitchen ideas into a reality by working closely with the home builders at Metco Remodeling. They can help you to design a custom kitchen.  From new cabinets, flooring and fixtures, to an island with a shiny granite countertop – there are countless remodeling options available to transform all of your creative kitchen ideas into a gourmet kitchen!


Basement Refinishing

Metco Remodeling has a team of talented craftsmen that can transform your dark and dreary basement into a brand new space in your Long Island home. From a simple play area to a great new space for entertaining – the possibilities are endless. With their skills, experience and expertise, they are the home builders and remodeling specialists that will make the most of your basement space.


Dormers and Extensions

Many Long Island homeowners find that they need more space in their current homes. Metco Remodeling can help you design the plans to expand your home. An extension can create the new room or expanded space you are looking for. An upstairs dormer is also an easy way to add space to your home. Metco Remodeling can create a dormer that complements the roofline and existing style of your Long Island home.


Windows and Doors

Trust the Long Island home building and renovation specialists to transform your home with brand new, high quality windows and doors. They have a large inventory of windows and doors for you to choose from and they work closely with you to choose what product will perfectly complement your home. They offer many options and they have a team of experienced installers to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


If you are planning a spring renovation, contact the Long Island home renovation experts that offer quality work, reliable service and excellent customer service. Metco Remodeling

offers quality craftsmanship and over 20 years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry. Call Metco Remodeling at 631-376-1860 to start planning the spring renovation of your Long Island home or building the new home of your dreams!

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