Spring Masonry Projects

Spring Masonry Projects 1

Spring Masonry Projects

Spring brings warmer weather on Long Island and as the weather warms up, most homeowners start to spend more time in their yards. If your yard needs a spring spruce up – it may be time for a new patio, a retaining wall, a stone path or an outdoor fireplace to enhance your landscape and add some additional space for outdoor entertaining.

If you have always wanted an outdoor patio or if your current patio is getting old, cracked and starting to deteriorate, spring is a great time to add a new patio to your yard or to replace an old one. There are so many different options to choose from and the possibilities are endless when creating an outdoor living space. Following are some design ideas and material suggestions for a timeless outdoor space:

Natural Stone Materials

Natural stone adds color, style and function to any patio or outdoor space. You can easily incorporate various textures, colors and tones throughout a brick patio design, you just need to decide which colors or style you want start with and go from there!

Traditional Bricks

If you have a lot of space to fill or ground to cover, utilizing the space with bricks is an easy and fast way to cover a lot of ground! The bigger the space, the more polished it looks as the bricks can give the whole area a very clean and modern look. Brick patios are highly durable, and easy to maintain and you can mix and match different types of bricks to create a one of a kind patio for your home.


Flagstone is a flat, natural colored stone that has been used on patios and walkways for many years and it never goes out of style. Its muted blue, grey and rust colors and unique stone shapes offer a natural accent to any setting.


Cobblestone is a natural stone material that adds a rustic accent to any patio or path. Cobblestones or brick blocks are tumbled during production to achieve their slightly “worn” look. They have a rough, uneven texture, which adds to their personality and creates a unique design.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Places

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular these days as people love to entertain outdoors. Add an outdoor sink, a refrigerator and a built in grill and you never have to go back inside!  Stone fire pits and outdoor fire places offer a warm and cozy haven on cool nights to sip hot cocoa and roast marshmallows with the kids or enjoy an evening cocktail.

The designers at Backyard Boss agree that a patio is a great space for outdoor entertaining and it is truly an extension of your home, adding, “There’s just something about a well-groomed patio area that makes a house feel like a real home. Depending on where you live, a patio area is an important part of your home since you will no doubt be spending plenty of time out there enjoying the scenery. The more spruced up, the better the area will feel and the more likely you are to spend time outdoors with family and friends. No matter the space of your outdoor area, a patio area is a great way to add some stylish features to an outdoor space while being relatively easy to produce.”

If you are interested in installing a new patio or updating your old one, contact the masonry experts at Metco Remodeling. Metco Remodeling offers quality craftsmanship and over 20 years of experience in the construction, masonry and remodeling industry. Call Metco Remodeling at 631-376-1860 for a free estimate on a new patio, outdoor fire pit or other spring masonry project today.

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