Spruce Up and Secure Your Home with New Windows and Doors

Spruce Up and Secure Your Home with New Windows and Doors

Spruce Up and Secure Your Home with New Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the gateway to your home. They provide beauty and aesthetics as well as light, insulation and security for your home and family. If you are planning to spruce up your home this spring, don’t forget about your windows and doors. In addition to improving the appearance of your home, new doors and windows can save energy, reduce noise, increase light and security and boost the value of your home.

Updating the windows and doors in your home is an easy and affordable way to transform both the exterior and interior of your home in one shot. Today, there are so many different options and manufacturers to choose from including Pella® and Andersen® among a long list of many other quality brands. You can choose from different finishes, hardware, grilles and glass options – to create the exact look that you want for your home. Replacing the windows and doors in your home can help to increase the resale value of your home. In addition, home improvement specialists agree that new windows and doors can provide a high ROI (return on investment) for homeowners today.

New windows and doors can also increase the security of your home. If your current windows and doors are old and weathered, it is much easier for an intruder to get into your home. A strong, new door is deterrence from intruders and new windows offer more protection because of the higher quality materials that are used today. They can also reduce outside noise in your home because new windows have more insulation and are sealed better, which allows them to prevent noises from penetrating through.

You may also want to consider Energy Star qualified windows and doors for your home. According to the United States Department of Energy, Energy Star certified windows, doors and skylights can lower your energy bills and save you money. More efficient windows and doors use less energy which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes.” They are highly efficient and can keep the temperature of your home consistently comfortable. Energy Star certified windows and doors use the latest technology to help to keep your home warmer in the cold winter months and cool in the heat of the summer. They also do not let heat or cool air escape, which can increase your energy bills. Keep in mind that upgrading your doors and windows to new, energy-efficient options will eventually pay for themselves by lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Whether you are interested in replacing your windows or doors for aesthetic or functional reasons, Metco Remodeling can offer many options and expert installation. We have a large inventory of high quality windows and doors for you to choose from and we will work closely with you to choose the best product to complement your home. Give us a call at 631-376-1860 to set up a free estimate today.

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